A visit to Poch’s Brewery

In Castellfollit de la Roca, a picturesque village with a volcanic soul, Beer Poch’s was born. A unique beer with exceptional character that makes your palate fall in love at first sip, leading you to a sublime experience of aromas and flavours.

Poch’s Brewery started 5 years ago but from FCasaBrunathe counter of the brewery’s pub, Francesc explains that he has been brewing beer for the past 10 years. You can feel the passion for beer in every detail; from the personalised taps to the stools made of old beer barrels, giving the space a warm, rustic and welcoming atmosphere.


We start by tasting the Session IPA, a beer with a pale gold colour and a strong hop fragrance; volcanicashotpochsMosaic and Simcoe give it a fresh aroma impossible to refuse. We continue by tasting Poch’s Volcanica, a pale ale style with a soft, silky sweet touch from the buckwheat used. This beer was created especially for the volcanic cuisine restaurants of the area.

Meanwhile, we talk about the awards won at the Alltech Dublin Craft Beer Cup 2015. A silver medal for Poch’s wheat beer and a gold medal for the Poch’s basalt imperial stout, such an honour considering the gallons of stout consumed every day in the Irish capital.



Next, we try the classic Poch’s Summer Ale and Poch’s Haranjakiri, made with grapefruit juice, exotic aroma and a light soft sweetness perfect for hot summer days.

If anything characterises Francesc it’s the passion in how he transmits his knowledge of beers and his dedicated analysis of every expression you make after each offering of his products or new experiments. From reactions to trying the Bruna del Pirineu beer, high in alcoholic percentage but pleasant to drink, aged in three different ways:  garnatxa, moscatell and whisky barrels, to the new production of “pasturant l’ovella negre” (Grazing the black sheep), a stout IPA with Columbus and Simcoe hops with 8% of alcohol and 100 IBUS. An explosion of toasted aromas, coffee and chocolate melanize in palate offering a soft earthy aftertaste even though the high IBUS.

Poch’s Brewery definitely deserves a visit and is second only to the sights of the basaltic cliff where the village is formed. A place with an unforgettable memory that you can’t leave without a good selection of beers as a souvenir.