Today’s tipple is one of those that you can drink all day long. Moor brewery, based in Bristol, delights us with this session IPA, quite light for this style but a good choice for a hot, sunny weekend.

Colour: Deep gold. Froothy, mostly lasting off-white head.MoordeadpunkIPA.png

Aroma: Lots of tropical fruit aromas going on. Pineapple, a hint of mango, peach peel and fresh cut grass IN the background.

Palate: Floral, medium bodied, fresh citrus sweetness perfectly balanced with the soft bitter aftertaste. Maybe too light for an IPA but definitely worth a try.

This beer is such a great choice for all day beer fans. An introduction to beer culture for usual lager drinkers that I’m sure will leave commercial lagers on the side after tasting this beverage. 5.5/10



Bloody JoseX

Fancy a lovely Bloody Mary with a Mexican Twist to start the week?

☠  Bloody JoseX  ☠ 



3 Pinch of citrus sea salt 
1/2 Muddled chilly
25 Lemon juice
50ml Tequila Silver Patron infused with Black peppercorn
7 Clapped Basil leaves.
20ml Sweet and chilly sauce
150ml Tomato Juice.


First, muddle the Chilly in the shaker, clap the 7 Basil leaves and chock them in with the rest of the ingredients.

Roll the drink to cool it down and melanize all the flavors.

Pour into a high ball with ice and garnish it with celery, olives, lemon and some Basil leaves.

The Spicy Tequila is balanced with the lemon and sweetness of the sweet and chili sauce making the Bloody JoseX a perfect remedy for the hungover.