Today’s tipple is one of those that you can drink all day long. Moor brewery, based in Bristol, delights us with this session IPA, quite light for this style but a good choice for a hot, sunny weekend.

Colour: Deep gold. Froothy, mostly lasting off-white head.MoordeadpunkIPA.png

Aroma: Lots of tropical fruit aromas going on. Pineapple, a hint of mango, peach peel and fresh cut grass IN the background.

Palate: Floral, medium bodied, fresh citrus sweetness perfectly balanced with the soft bitter aftertaste. Maybe too light for an IPA but definitely worth a try.

This beer is such a great choice for all day beer fans. An introduction to beer culture for usual lager drinkers that I’m sure will leave commercial lagers on the side after tasting this beverage. 5.5/10




Even gloomy days are great for a nice beer outside.

Today’s tipple is a milk stout brewed in England and winner of the silver medal in the Dublin Craft Beer Cup 2016. What is a milk stout? The style only describes one thing, that there has been an addition of sweet and unfermentable lactose.

Colour: Deep brown/black. Medium fluffy brown head.Dazed&ConfusedMilk stout

Aroma: Roasted malt, soft coffee aroma, light hint of citrus and caramel.

Palate: Medium bodied with a creamy texture. Oily, liquorish texture, earthy chocolate, herbal bitterness with a long lasting sweetness.

This beer is a velvety experience totally recommended for condensed milk fans. It pairs perfectly with deserts and creamy cheese. 6/10



BREWDOG ZEITGEIST Idiosyncratic Black Lager

ZEIGEIST/ˈzʌɪtɡʌɪst/: the defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time.

A trans-continental schizophrenic beer combining a classic Czech black lager base and the high octane hit of a west coast American hops”. An incredible twist to a classic style that opens your senses to another dimension, leaving the stereotyped society we are living in aside and breaking walls and boundaries to step forward to a nonconformist future.

Colour: Dark opal, nice beige foam that gently leads to a steady layer.


Aroma: Toasted aromas of wood, malts and a light aroma of freshly roasted coffee.

Palate: Silky light bitterness, earthy tart aftertaste. Light beams of coffee and dark chocolate perfectly balanced.

Brewdog continues surprising beer fans with their range of styles and definitely, this beer is one of those you should try before you die. It has all the velvety taste and beauty of a dark beer with the lightness on the palate of a lager.



PISTONHEAD -Full Amber lager-

Let’s crack on with the weekend by drinking a lovely beer.
Today’s beverage is a Pistonhead Full amber.

Aroma: Yeasty, caramel, pine and roasted malts
Palate: Malty, biscuit with a medium bitter taste at the end.

Definitely a toasted experience just for the bravest ones.

OLD WORTHY BREWING CO. -Leithers’ CURE FOR SCURVY Whisky infused marmalade pale ale-



Whisky infused marmalade pale ale

A northern delight proudly brewed in Scotland and highly recommended to be paired with Scotch blended whisky.

Old men in Scottish pubs have been drinking their ales with a dram since forever. It’s called a Half ‘n Half.”


Sight: Pale Amber with a consistent white head.

Aroma: Floral, orange, cereal.

Palate: Bitter, spice, lingering smoky oak wood aftertaste.

After a couple of sips, the marmalade introduces itself.

A Whisky infused marmalade pale ale, perfect for a Friday treat, that even Paddington bear would approve.



Fuller’s WILD RIVER Pacific Pale Ale

And today’s beer is from Fuller’s Brewery in Chiswick.
A double-hopped brew made with several Californian hops.

Wild River Fuller’s Pacific Pale Ale.



Colour: Pale Amber with thin white head
Nose: Bread, yeast, cereal.
Taste: Strong hop bitterness, super fizzy, bread, yeast and cereal as in the nose.


Definitely an interesting choice between the fullers selection.