Today’s tipple is one of those that you can drink all day long. Moor brewery, based in Bristol, delights us with this session IPA, quite light for this style but a good choice for a hot, sunny weekend.

Colour: Deep gold. Froothy, mostly lasting off-white head.MoordeadpunkIPA.png

Aroma: Lots of tropical fruit aromas going on. Pineapple, a hint of mango, peach peel and fresh cut grass IN the background.

Palate: Floral, medium bodied, fresh citrus sweetness perfectly balanced with the soft bitter aftertaste. Maybe too light for an IPA but definitely worth a try.

This beer is such a great choice for all day beer fans. An introduction to beer culture for usual lager drinkers that I’m sure will leave commercial lagers on the side after tasting this beverage. 5.5/10




Even gloomy days are great for a nice beer outside.

Today’s tipple is a milk stout brewed in England and winner of the silver medal in the Dublin Craft Beer Cup 2016. What is a milk stout? The style only describes one thing, that there has been an addition of sweet and unfermentable lactose.

Colour: Deep brown/black. Medium fluffy brown head.Dazed&ConfusedMilk stout

Aroma: Roasted malt, soft coffee aroma, light hint of citrus and caramel.

Palate: Medium bodied with a creamy texture. Oily, liquorish texture, earthy chocolate, herbal bitterness with a long lasting sweetness.

This beer is a velvety experience totally recommended for condensed milk fans. It pairs perfectly with deserts and creamy cheese. 6/10




Today’s beverage comes from North Cornwall an area with majestic landscapes and excellent water for brewing beer.

This brewery started up their business in 2012 and as stated on their webpage:

“We approach all our beer design in the same way, drawing on the vast gamete of styles and techniques used worldwide. We then use this as a foundation to build upon, but that doesn’t always mean straying too far from the original, more evolution than revolution.”.

Colour: Deep Gold. Medium foamy white head.

HARBOURsesson IPA.png

Aroma: Fresh tropical fruits, pineapple, mango, mandarin and a hint of peach peel.

Taste: A first explosion of tropical fruit aroma invites you to a cereal taste on the palate leading to a perfectly light balanced sweet bitterness.

This is definitely a well rounded session IPA perfect for summer. Easy to drink with a velvety character and a long lasting delicate hop bitterness.




BREWDOG ZEITGEIST Idiosyncratic Black Lager

ZEIGEIST/ˈzʌɪtɡʌɪst/: the defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time.

A trans-continental schizophrenic beer combining a classic Czech black lager base and the high octane hit of a west coast American hops”. An incredible twist to a classic style that opens your senses to another dimension, leaving the stereotyped society we are living in aside and breaking walls and boundaries to step forward to a nonconformist future.

Colour: Dark opal, nice beige foam that gently leads to a steady layer.


Aroma: Toasted aromas of wood, malts and a light aroma of freshly roasted coffee.

Palate: Silky light bitterness, earthy tart aftertaste. Light beams of coffee and dark chocolate perfectly balanced.

Brewdog continues surprising beer fans with their range of styles and definitely, this beer is one of those you should try before you die. It has all the velvety taste and beauty of a dark beer with the lightness on the palate of a lager.




Many are the choices to quench the thirst this summer but today’s tipple is an excellent American style IPA brewed in England at Uprising Craft Brewing.

Colour: Rich, hazy, orange amber with fine sediment and good carbonation. Creamy white head reducing to a persistent layer.UPRISINGtreasonIPA.png

Aroma: Intense fruity hops with hints of pineapple and orange peel, tropical fruit and a touch of sweet resin.

Palate: Smooth and tingly mouthfeel with a spritzy carbonation. Hits of mild silky melon, tropical fruit, caramel malt, delicate toasted barley taste and earthy, yeasty flavour commute to a long lasting fresh fruity hop bitterness.

This beer is awesome. An avalanche of hops, an explosion of fruity aromas underpinned by malt and yeast.

As stated in their webpage:

“ An untamed wild frontier. Where storms blow in and winds whisper words of reason. The start of the uprising…8/10


The Tipplemaker

OLD WORTHY. MR LYAN LAGER Passion Fruit Pale Ale

Here we go with another incredible beer from Old Worthy brewery Co.

A bit lighter than a pale ale, but a delight for the senses.


shot_Mr Lyan LAger

Sight: Deep, hazy, amber colour; nice and creamy white head.

Aroma: Sweet, exoticness, pineapple, citrus and passion fruit.

Palate: Creamy sweet passion fruit bitterness, mildly crispy with a tart aftertaste.

This is a lovely beer to pair with a barbecue and a nice sunny day.

A beam of summer in these cold winter days of February.



Today’s tipple is from one of the world’s top rated breweries.

A delightful limited edition beverage brewed in Bristol city. Ladies and Gentlemen…


Sight: Hazy gold amber, creamy white head.

Aroma: Floral, sweet hop aromas with exotic citric grapefruit, apricot and mandarin.

Palate: Toasted malts and a high bitterness kick at the beginning that balances after a couple of sips; leading to a sweet, silky,  lingering caramel aftertaste.

Moor JJJ can be found in kegs and 330ml cans for just a limited period of time.

It’s definitely in the top 20 of the Tipplemaker’s beer list.

Availalbe online: