Many are the choices to quench the thirst this summer but today’s tipple is an excellent American style IPA brewed in England at Uprising Craft Brewing.

Colour: Rich, hazy, orange amber with fine sediment and good carbonation. Creamy white head reducing to a persistent layer.UPRISINGtreasonIPA.png

Aroma: Intense fruity hops with hints of pineapple and orange peel, tropical fruit and a touch of sweet resin.

Palate: Smooth and tingly mouthfeel with a spritzy carbonation. Hits of mild silky melon, tropical fruit, caramel malt, delicate toasted barley taste and earthy, yeasty flavour commute to a long lasting fresh fruity hop bitterness.

This beer is awesome. An avalanche of hops, an explosion of fruity aromas underpinned by malt and yeast.

As stated in their webpage:

“ An untamed wild frontier. Where storms blow in and winds whisper words of reason. The start of the uprising…8/10



The Tipplemaker

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The Tipplemaker

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