After a long gloomy weekend shuttered at home watching old-fashioned movies and quenching the thirst with new beverages and crazy experiments, a new creation was born;



50Ml Rum Zacapa infused with Sweet popcorn

15Ml Demerara Sugar (1:1)

4 drops Fee Brothers Aztecs Chocolate


Pour all ingredients into a mixing glass with lots of ice and stir it to the perfect dilution. Strain the drink in a rocks glass with one or two ice cubes. Release the oils of a grapefruit zest, and garnish the drink with it.

This drink transports you to another time. The aroma of the grapefruit welcomes you to the theater hall while the classic films are being projected.The screening is paired with popcorn and dark chocolate flavors.

Take a sip and enjoy the experience.




Published by

The Tipplemaker

Bartender and Mixologist, masterclasses, bar consultancy, event management and alcohol brands promotion.

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